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Month: November 2014

[OT] advice: print server or NAS?

From: Felmon Davis <davisf@...>
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2014 16:03:55 -0500 (EST)

hoping to drink from the font of your wisdom.

I have a NAS through which I can pipe printing via cups. it works fine 
but I wonder if it wouldn't save electricity to get a dedicated print 
server and only use the NAS when I am doing serious backups.

btw my problem with kpowersave not showing configuration options was 
solved (sort of) by restarting /usr/sbin/hald. long for a cleaner 
solution. that's a different topic.

what about NAS vs print servers?


Felmon Davis

Many hands make light work.
 		-- John Heywood