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Month: November 2014

Re: [trinity-users] X60s/X200s kernel 3.7.0 compiled no wifi. (Old 2.6.32, ubuntu wifi works)

From: Werner Joss <werner@...>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2014 10:45:01 +0100
Am Mittwoch, 12. November 2014, 10:22:37 schrieb Uwe Brauer:
> So you  would consider
> To: lists
> CC: author
> ok
> but not
> CC: lists
> To: author
> Is this correct?

or even omit the CC:author at all, as usually, all authors are subscribed to 
the list anyway, result is duplicates for those.
> If so, can't you set up your filter that *also* CC list goes in the folder
> you desire? That is what I do since some mailing list behave different than
> others.

I do filtering on the server side, which is somewhat limited, but provides 
everything sorted well no matter what device/OS/mailer I use on the client