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Month: November 2014

Re: [trinity-users] Exe GNU/Linux, Jessie, no-systemd

From: Robert Peters <robertpeters9@...>
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2014 20:48:13 -0800
On 15 November 2014 19:51, David Hare <davidahare@...> wrote:
> Just note, this is Debian "testing".. things are likely to be broken. I
> don't know and can't predict what.
> The future of Debian itself is in doubt (systemd fiasco, which affects all
> other distros)
> At the moment, TDE is gaining ground as just about the only fully-functional
> DE out there for those of us who do not wish to run systemd. The only other
> alternative seems to be openbox (a WM rather than a DE).
> Here, a recompiled dbus has removed all systemd dependencies (although I
> dont use the full TDE "meta"). I just got back "suspend" in TDE logout
> thanks to consolekit2.
> I really don't have a clue about skype.

From reading various reports on systemd, I like the idea of a DE that
doesn't use it.  Given the uncertainty about Debian, I might go to
using Gentoo, or look into the feasibility of using TDE in one of the