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Month: November 2014

RE: [trinity-users] What about a Trinity Raspberry Pi Raspbian-based image?

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2014 22:45:38 -0600
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>> >> Well the last time I tried it (1 year ago) it was working.  It is
>> >> likely that somewhere along the line the updates started failing,
>> >> leading to a peculiar XFCE-less RPi image without TDE installed. :-P
>> >
>> >    XFCE is there and works as expected, just no TDE/Trinity.
>> >>
>> >> I'll download the latest Raspbian image and see if I can fix up the
>> >> auto-generation system.
>> >>
>> >> Tim
>> >
>> >   FWIW.  Just checked, the update/upgrade replaces the firmware files
>> so
>> > it now boots into a model B+ and remains backwards-compatible with the
>> > B.  Mark +one for the Debian/Raspbian folk.  :-)
>> >
>> > Glen
>> This one will take a bit longer to fix than I had anticipated; not only
>> did the Raspbian devs upgrade binutils on the image but not in the
>> repository (thus causing the TDE installation failure) but to top it off
>> the image ran out of space during installation.  Now I need to implement
>> image resizing...
>> Tim
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> Hi,
> Yeah, I downloaded the image and it contains no trace of TDE at all. Its
> only like the basic Raspbian image... I guess that the image can be
> slightly bigger with today's not-too-expensive large SDHC cards. Also, is
> it possible to ship it with iceweasel please? Midori is quite problematic
> on many websites and is not much faster at all.
> Thank you!
> -Alexandre

Sure, Iceweasel is now included.  The image generator has been repaired
and new images compatible with the B+ should be available in the next few



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