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Month: January 2015

adept-notifier-trinity does not show green dot in system tray

From: Ken Heard <kenslists@...>
Date: Thu, 01 Jan 2015 14:46:57 +0700
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The green dot was shown in the system tray before I activated my printer
(HP LaserJet P1102) but not after printer activation. To activate the
printer I looked at It told me that although
the ppd for that printer is available in the version of hplip shipped
with Wheezy (3.12.6-3.1+deb7u1), if I used the later version of hplip
(3.14.10) I would benefit from �access to new features and bug fixes�.

So I downloaded that version and ran the command to install the later
version of hplip.  It wanted to install some additional packages but
noticed that adept was installed and asked me to remove it before it
would install them.  I therefore purged all the eleven (?) trinity adept
packages and their dependencies.

Hplip installed some of those packages, but could not install two
because of broken dependencies and then two more which did not exist.  I
then gave up trying to use hplip 3.14.10 and ran the two commands
necessary to install the ppd from the hplip version in Wheezy,
'hp-plugin -i' and 'hp-setup -i'.  The printer was consequently
activated and usable. (In retrospect I should have disregarded the
advice received.)

I then reinstalled the eleven trinity adept packages including
adept-notifier-trinity, but the green dot did not appear.  Two reboots
later it still has not reappeared.  The only thing I could think of
doing was to run deborphan and purge all orphaned libraries.  After
doing so the green dot still did not appear.

I would consequently appreciate any advice on how to get adept to work
properly again.

Regards, Ken Heard

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