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Month: January 2015

R14 Kpilot and KOrganizer Reminder Daemon Problems.

From: Will Hill <will.hillnotes@...>
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2015 16:41:14 -0600
Hi, I'm new here but have been enjoying TDE for about a year.  I like it so 
much that I keep a blog of it,

The KPilotDaemon in R14 of TDE no longer works for me.  I'm using i386 Wheezy.  
The daemon goes into some kind of CPU consuming loop and I'm unable to sync 
my Handsrping Visor.  This was working in the previous release of TDE and 
that made me very happy.  

I'd like to track down the problem myself but was unable to build the Kpilot 
package from the Wheezy source package.  I tried to do it the Debian way as 

it looks like the location directories don't take, 

willhill@homefree:~/src/kpilot-trinity-14.0.0-r142$ fakeroot debian/rules 
test -x debian/rules
dh_clean -k
dh_clean: dh_clean -k is deprecated; use dh_prep instead
dh_installdirs -A
install: cannot change permissions of `debian/kpilot-trinity': No such file or 
dh_installdirs: install -d debian/kpilot-trinity returned exit code 1
make: *** [common-install-prehook-impl] Error 2

I found the instructions for TDE cmake,

but it looks like that's what the Debian package tries to do.  Is there some 
instruction that I'm overlooking?  

Separately, the KOrganizer reminder daemon no longer notifies me at the time 
I'd like it to remind me of things.  It goes off much later, perhaps on 
resume from sleep.  The combination of problems is annoying.