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Month: January 2015

Re: [trinity-users] desktop crashing

From: Michele Calgaro <michele.calgaro@...>
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2015 12:21:12 +0900
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> | > | kdesktop_lock died and has not been reaped, so I suspect that | > | kdesktop may be waiting on some
> unreleased mutex, which would be the | > | reason why the background does not update any more and the RMB click | >
> | doesn't do anything. Something obviously went wrong. | > | The next time you see the error, can you try the
> following: | > | 1) ps aux | grep kdesktop   -> this should give again kdesktop_lock | > | <defunct> 2) take note
> of the kdesktop pid (not the kdesktop_lock) | > | 3) from CLI (not within TDE, but from a tty), run: gdb --pid=<pid
> of | > | kdesktop>  --> you may try from a TDE console, but you may loose the | > | keyboard. In such case you have
> to switch to a tty, kill the gdb | > | instance and retry from there. 4) type: thread apply all bt | > | Report
> what is printed out. This hopefully will provide some | > | additional info. If it is not critical for you, please
> do not exit | > | gdb and do not kill and restart kdesktop. Depending on what we find, | > | we may have to run
> some other commands. | > | | > | By the way, can you open a proper bug report on our bugszilla? It | > | looks like
> there is something to fix here :-) | > | > I shall create an account there and do so; it hath happened again. The |
> > results from your instructions: | >
<gdb output snip>

I have created bug 2311 ( to serve as a info collection point
for this problem.
dep, if you do not have a bugszilla account, you can report info to the mailing list and later I will update the bug,
although it would be better if you could report there :-)

Going back to the problem, as suspected kdesktop seems locked waiting on a mutex, which is probably related to the
defunct kdesktop_lock process somehow. Can you try the following commands from gdb and report back?

1) info thread
just for the sake of info

2) thread 2
Expect something like "switching to thread 2 blah blah blah"

   frame 2
Expect something like "#2  hex-adress in pthread_mutex_lock()"

   info reg
This will print the registers' contents.

After this I will have more questions, but first I need the answers above.
Again, please do not exit from gdb unless it is critical for you (for example you have to switch off your computer).
If you have to exit and restart kdesktop, the next time you need to repeat the commands already typed + the new ones.


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