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Month: January 2015

Re: [trinity-users] Translate TDE?

From: "iadest@..." <iadest@...>
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2015 17:15:29 +0100
I'm also asking about translation technical details. The thing is in
TDE R14, which added new useful options but also overflown my
"pi***ing-off" limit of English captions in Polish language
environment. So I decided to do something with it in my free time, at
least in tdebase, and grabbed tde-i18n with Git (over 1GB), then deleted
everything except tde-i18n-pl folder. Now I have PO files which I can
mess with KBabel.
And I have two questions about translations:
1. I'm looking in "fuzzy" or missing translations (Uncertain or missing
translations in KBabel). If they're missing, the thing is simple,
complete it. But sometimes the translation is marked "fuzzy" and looks
wrong. Example: Line 1199 in
English: "Allows you to choose a different icon for the TDE menu."
Polish: "Allows to choose background for TDE menu."
What to do, correct it?
2. What to do with "&" captions? Use the same letter if is present in


"Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...> napisaƂ(a):

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> > OK I've now got more time on my hands (university is nearly
> > finished for about a month) and I want to catch up on things such
> > as translating. I asked ages ago about how I get to translate TDE
> > into en_AU (Australian English) but never did find out (I'm
> > assuming because R14 was under heavy development) so I'm asking
> > again and if at all possible would love to get into it sometime
> > next week.
> Translations for TDE are still a bit of a complex area; I have been
> wanting to overhaul the translation process for quite some time but am
> still waiting for the requisite features to be added to the upstream
> Launchpad project.  I have tenative word that those features will be
> coming in the first half of this year (2015) so hopefully we'll be
> able to upgrade and hammer out a proper translation procedure later
> this year.
> In the meantime, the best you can do is to check out the tde-i18n
> module from GIT (it's large, so you will need a fast connection for
> the initial download) and edit the appropriate .po files with kbabel
> or a similar tool.
> Adding a new language currently requires someone with GIT commit
> access (such as myself, Slavek Banko, or Michele Calgaro) to create
> the appropriate template directory within that module, then run an
> i18n update to generate a set of template po files.  Where things get
> complex (and why we need an overhaul) is that every time the i18n
> update is run any changes not already merged into the tde-i18n module
> become difficult or impossible to merge after the update.  As a
> result, the current mantra for the tde-i18n module is to pull before
> you start translating and to commit early, commit often. ;-)
> > So if anyone has advice or knows what I need to do feel free to let
> > me know
> > what I personally need to do to be able to start translating TDE
> > into en_AU
> > (and maybe encourage my friends across the Tasman to do likewise
> > for en_NZ and maybe even Maori).
> Sounds great; always happy to have new translators on board!
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