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Month: January 2015

PCLinuxOS Trinity Live CD

From: Lisi Reisz <lisi.reisz@...>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2015 15:16:57 +0000

As you know, disagreements we may have had, but I have always tried to give 
credit where credit was due.

At my local Linux Users Group meeting on Saturday, someone was wanting help to 
get Linux on his oldish laptop.  Well, his father's.  A refugee from XP.  He 
had tried various versions/flavours of Ubuntu without success - they just 
wouldn't install.  

He expressed a definite preference for somehow getting Ubuntu on.  And I had 
an Ubuntu + TDE Live CD with me.

So, TDE to the fore.  I rushed to supply a Live/Install CD before anyone else.  
I fished out my Ubuntu + 14 and your PCLinuxOS + 14 with a view to giving him 
both to try.  Exegnu was out because of multimedia etc.  But Ubuntu was 64 
bit.  So that left yours.  I said that I understood it had been expressly 
intended for older machines, so I thought that there was a high chance that 
it would both install OK and then run properly.

I handed it to him, but said sorry, it isn't Ubuntu.  My Ubuntu + TDE live CD 
is 64 bit and I assume that you need 32 bit.  He confirmed this, and took the 
PCLinuxOS CD.  Someone else was still looking for possible Ubuntu CDs or 
other offerings, but somewhat idly he started to install your CD, expecting 
it to fail as everything else had, by when he would have other offerings to 

It installed.  No problem.  One minor glitch.  He accidentally installed the 
wrong keyboard - goodness only knows what it was! - and had to start again.  
No other problems.  It Just Worked.  By half way through he was saying that 
nothing else had got that far.  I think he'll change the background - he 
shares my taste in pictures rather than yours - but we agreed that that was a 
very minor detail.  He was delighted.  A very satisfied customer.

So, hopefully, a convert for TDE; and also for PCLinuxOS!  Kudos, Alexandre.  
Vive le Qébec libre or something. \o/