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Month: January 2015

New install, one icon not working

From: Curt Howland <Howland@...>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2015 14:32:14 -0500
Good afternoon. I've recently had to reinstall my work laptop, and
rather than try to make Windows work again, I was given permission to
run Linux.

Debian Wheezy, TDE 14.

Everything installed cleanly, and works. There is only one thing I've
found that is a problem, the Network Manager icon in the system tray
is not full sized, it's maybe 4 pixels square.

That's a screen-grab of my system tray, showing the microscopic icon
for Network Manager between the screen size and VLC cone.

I've tried re-adding it, same size. If I run XFCE, the icon shows up just fine.


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