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Month: January 2015

[Trinity-on-NixOS] Annoucing my project: packaging Trinity Desktop Environment to Nixpkgs

From: Anderson Torres <torres.anderson.85@...>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2015 07:16:27 -0200
Hello, Nixers and Trinity users!

I am Anderson Torres, a "wannabe" Computer Scientist (I am studying to
admissional exams for a Brazilian CS undergrad course), and there is
about one year I am a NixOS user.

I want to port/package Trinity for NixOS, because I really liked the
old KDE3.x series! I used KDE 3.x when I started using Linux Slackware
and open source in 2004.

Well, I will use the tag [Trinity-on-NixOS] when I need to talk about
my project of porting an ask some questions.

Well, many thanks in advance!


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