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Month: September 2010

Re: [trinity-users] Re: [trinity-announce] Trinity pre-release freeze

From: Greg Madden <gomadtroll@...>
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2010 14:06:53 -0800

On Wednesday 22 September 2010 10:53:23 Jimmy Johnson wrote:
> John A. Sullivan III wrote:
> > I'm certainly looking forward to the stable release.  Thanks - John
> Due to testing other OS's I'm no longer running Lenny, I'm "looking
> forward" to a stable version of Trinity for the next Debian stable
> release "Squeeze", plus an installable ISO, I feel the Development of
> KDE3 for Squeeze is an important project.
> Thanks and keep up the good work,


i only use bits and pieces of kde, the kontact/pim stuff.  This works on Lenny and 
KDE 3.5.10. I use Windowmaker wm and am evaluating the switch to Squeeze and the 
Trinity stuff. The concept is cool, in practice it isn't integrating seamlessly 

The trinity-desktop looks to be complete, though I don't want to switch to a 
desktop environment.

AFIKCT this list is the only support for Debian users. The Kubuntu/Trinity stuff 
seems well supported. Are there more Debian uses out there? I saw the original 
posts to debian-user but don't want to use that list for Trinity stuff.