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Month: March 2015

Re: [trinity-users] TDE icon changes also effect xfce icons...

From: Guy Parry <pargoo@...>
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2015 06:53:10 +1100
At 01:43 PM 15/03/2015 -0500, you wrote:
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I just installed v14.0 on Mint 16, but irritatingly if I rename icons
under Trinity I find it has screwed around with my icons if I then log into
xfce. Is this because the two desktop environments share a config file
somewhere?  I've found this recent habit of DE's to 'bleed' across to one
another quite annoying. Can I separate the two completely by creating two
files dealing with icon properties, then direct each DE to use its own
particular one?
>Can you describe the problem in further detail?  For instance, what
>exactly do you mean by "rename icons under Trinity"?
>Many users are not aware of this, but there is a cross-desktop standard
>that applies to almost all desktops called the XDG specification.  In a
>nutshell it specifies how various desktops should handle common elements
>such as desktop shortcuts, icons, etc.  This standardisation is what
>prevents a user from having to create, for example, completely separate
>desktop shortcuts for each desktop environment they use.  A side effect of
>this standardisation is that the various desktops are somewhat bound
>together such that changing icons, desktop shortcuts, etc. in one desktop
>may change the others as well.
>If you can provide more information on what you are seeing and what you
>want to see we may be able to help.

     Dear Tim,
     The icons under TDE are labelled things like 'Firefox Web Browser', or
simply 'sigil' or 'calibre'.  When I rename them to the format I want -
'Firefox 24.0' or 'Sigil 0.72' - and then log out and switch over to xfce
my Firefox icon (for instance) is now called 'Firefox 24.0.desktop' and the
icon has also changed.  This .desktop icon is unlaunchable and uneditable.
The only thing to do is delete it and re-create the Firefox launcher - I
just run into the menu and right-click|add to desktop, then correct it to
what I want.
     'Preventing' a user from having to create completely separate desktop
shortcuts is 1984 double-speak.  The whole idea of having multiple DE's is
to HAVE separate shortcuts so each desktop can be unique.  Being
'prevented' from doing so runs counter to the linux philosophy imho.  Might
as well be using Windoze or that other OS named after a pome fruit(!)
     I hope I'm not the only one very annopyed by this little taste of
big-brother telling me how to behave, when I'm perfectly capable of making
up my mind on my own.  Any advice people out there can provide to correct
this new 'feature' will be gratefully received.

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