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Month: April 2015

Re: [trinity-users] installation problems on pclinuxos fm

From: Gene Heskett <gheskett@...>
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2015 10:37:22 -0400

On Sunday 05 April 2015 07:44:37 Lisi Reisz wrote:
> On Sunday 05 April 2015 00:58:15 Gene Heskett wrote:
> > On Saturday 04 April 2015 17:24:23 Lisi Reisz wrote:
> [snip]
> > > I've got several emails in this thread missing, and they are not
> > > in my spam folder either.  Weird and somewhat annoying.  How much
> > > else is going missing? I know some is. :-(
> > >
> > > Lisi
> >
> > Oh dear...  Since you also are posting from a gmail account,
> No, I'm not.  I'm using a Gmail address.  I'm posting from my
> computer, using KMail, via my ISP's SMTP server.

Exactly what I would be doing when I go thru a gmail or shental account.
> > and the list
> > echo is deleted, that is not surprising.  Cc: yourself, or find a
> > different, non gmail, mail server to use would be my best
> > recommendation. Cc'ing yourself is no guarantee the list got it, so
> > while it would probably serve the purpose, it comes with no
> > warranty.
> It's not emails from me that are missing, so myself would make
> no difference.  I don't use Gmail as an email client, only as an
> archive and POP3 server, and I don't send through Gmail, but through
> my ISP's SMTP server.  I always get copies of my own emails to mailing
> lists.

The point is, that apparently your ISP has farmed this email server 
function they are expected to supply, out to a gmail alias, so gmail's 
duplicate removal policy applies.  You can send it, but the servers 
reply of that message to you is a duplicate and deleted.

> If you are saying that Gmail's POP server randomly discards received
> emails, without even putting them in either the spam folder or the
> "bin", and other mail servers don't, this is the first that I have
> heard of it.

It does it, its not random, its a duplicate and removed.  Other people on 
the list see it, but you don't get it back, not ever from gmail.

From the header of this email from the trinity list that I am replying to 
right now:

From: Lisi Reisz <lisi.reisz@...>
To: trinity-users@...

> If it be indeed the case, then that is a serious matter, 
> but I would expect to have heard about it in that case.

Yes, it is in my opinion, a serious matter. It is also why I don't use 
either of my gmail accounts for any mailing list subscriptions.  The 
shentel address gets used by some friends where it doesn't matter, and 
it works well for that.

> However, something has gone wrong.  Some emails in this thread are
> missing. So perhaps Gmail's POP3 server has started a policy of
> randomly discarding random emails.

Their pop3 server has discarded duplicates from the gitgo, many years ago 
now. That was one of their original sales pitches if I recall correctly.

The only real solution is to get gmail _out_ of the path used to move the 
message both ways.  One way is fine. I have heard rumors that yahoo is 
also doing this, but haven't encountered it yet and I am subbed to 
several yahoo hosted lists.

Other solutions I have heard of but not tried:

I have heard of people who sub to a list at 2 gmail addresses, and 
somehow setup an alias translation/configuration so they do all 
receiveing at one address, and do all sending to the other account that 
is never read.

But now, can I setup an imaginary working scenario?  I think so, read on.

I understand, but have not done it to prove it, that this gets around 
their duplicate deletion rule. But I am not aware that kmail has the 
ability to automatically translate the account name from lisi.reisz to 
reisz.lisi when you hit reply. However, I do think that under the 
sending tab in kmail config, one could set it to send to address B while 
fetchmail is pulling from address A, which should accomplish the same 

That would be a nice trick however, but the only way I can imagine on 
short notice would be to use fetchmail like I do, have fetchmail pull 
from lisi.reisz, but setup the kmail send account to use reisz.lisi.  
But I've not actually tried it. YMMV etc. In order to keep the accounts 
at gmail clean, one might have to login to the webmail interface and 
delete the stuff in the account used for send only about monthly.

You would I believe, have to configure two accounts at to complete the loop. Turning off sending 
back to you of the account at pearsoncomputing that you use for send 
only would solve the problem of needing to go in via webmail to gmail 
and delete the unread messages occasionally.

Cheers Lisi, Gene Heskett
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