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Month: April 2015

Re: [trinity-users] TDE and kernel 3.16

From: Baron <baron@...>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2015 19:53:50 +0100
Hello Andre,

On Tuesday 28 April 2015 14:53:36 andre_debian@... wrote:
> How to completely remove TDE-Trinity ?
> Since I upgraded Debian to Jessie, I cannot start tde-trinity.
> The boot-session "tdm-trinity", appears, I enter my login-user,
> my password, the desktop starts and at the fifth picture (with a
> pen) in the blue center area, it stops... impossible to go on !

I have the same problem !  However through trial n error, I have found 
that when I get to the login screen, if I put my password in and wait 
until the password disapears, then put the password back in then 
press enter, everything works as it should.

I did discover early on that if I switched to tty1 and logged in there 
it would often boot to the Trinity desktop, but I soon discovered 
that many things did not work !  It was as though a file that set up 
my desktop was not being read.  I could still surf the net and Email 
worked but little else.

> So, if you have an idea about this break,
> otherwise I have to re-install all the tde-trinity from new.
> Can "systemd" be responsible ?

I don't know anything about that :-( sorry

Hope this helps.

> Thanks.
> André

Best Regards: