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Month: July 2015

Re: [trinity-users] Messages from Jonesy bouncing was: Re: [trinity-users] Konqueror automatic http:// prefix in url address

From: Andrew Young <mail@...>
Date: Mon, 06 Jul 2015 12:09:13 +0100

On 06/07/15 12:01, E. Liddell wrote:
> The possible solutions that occur to me are three:
> 1. Whack GMail over the collective head with a blunt instrument until it behaves
>    itself (good luck on that)
> 2. Have the list mailer check for key phrases in bounce messages and ignore
>    them if they're found
> 3. Increase the list mailer's bounce tolerance to 5-10 messages, and have
>    affected users use a filter to auto-trash the messages unread.
> I'm pretty sure I've been unsubscribed without noticing (because I do auto-trash
> the "threat messages") at least once--that would have been around April 1 of last
> year.
> E. Liddell
4. Use a different mail list backend.