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Month: July 2015

very nice jessie & tde14

From: kanenas@...
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2015 15:15:29 -1000
Just got a new ssd drive, installed 64 bit Debian Jessie with Gnome, then I 
followed the instructions for the "preliminary stable builds" and braced 
myself for trouble. But so far everything is silky smooth (and ssd fast) 
running tde, and, whatever i tried w. gnome worked fine as well. i am very 
happy:) have not tried all of my usual apps yet, but whatever i tried just 
There is a world of difference between the jessie/tde live-cd the trinity 
desktop site has and a clean tde install on top of / beside Gnome. 
perhaps the live-cd should be redone?