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Month: July 2015

Re: [trinity-users] no sound in Jessie with r14 from

From: Baron <baron@...>
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2015 10:25:40 +0100
Good Morning Lisi,

On Sunday 12 July 2015 22:05:47 Lisi Reisz wrote:
> On Sunday 12 July 2015 20:06:56 Baron wrote:
> > Hi Lisi,
> >
> > > Someone, please - I am hopeless on sound technology.  What does
> > > "line" tout court mean?
> > >
> > > Lisi
> >
> > "Line out" is an audio output intended to be fed into an
> > amplifier. Its at a higher voltage level than a microphone, but a
> > lower voltage level than a "Speaker output".
> So "Line"  means "line out".  Thank you, Baron.  It could have
> meant line in.
> If it means line out, should it not be unmuted for there to be
> sound?
> Lisi

It doesn't normally say in or out unless its in the mainboard manual !  
Depending upon the switches it seems it could be either.  But yes I 
would unmute it regardless.

If its any help I did find that unmuting the sound in one place caused 
it to change to mute somewhere else.  After that it gets very 
confusing because of the, in my case three, number of sound devices 
that it seems to find and they all appear to have some interaction 
even though you can select different settings for each one.

I played about for ages trying to get sound to work.  When it did I 
left it alone.  It was much more simple on my old machine, only one 
device on there.
Best Regards: