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Month: February 2011

Kmail nightmare

From: Luciano ES <luc-kub35@...>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2011 15:21:59 -0300
It's not that I want any special treatmente here, it's just that I do. Every time I boot/log in, I have to suffer through these bugs:

Bug #431 forces me to perform two checks before I can go on.

Those are bad enough, but really bad is this bug with Kmail which is forcing me to log off and log in several times a day:

This has just become unacceptable. I use my computer to work, and I need to check my mail several times a day. The damn thing keeps getting jammed over and over, I have to restart my session several times a day. And this is Linux, not Windows or Mac, so restarting a session actually means closing all my currently running apps then restarting them after I log in again. They start automatically, but it takes a while for them to be ready. It's not like Windows and Mac, where we can log off, come back and everything is still there up and running just the way we left it. And I have to reconfigure my keyboard every frigging time I log in. It's driving me nuts.

Another very irritating thing is to think that I had none of these problems when I was using the 9.04 Trinity distro. How can software get WORSE? I just upgraded because... Well, pure peer pressure. Everywhere I go (forums, IRC) people keep telling me "yak yak, your OS is old as dust, upgrade already, yakety-yak". Damn, do I regret upgrading! But I just have NO TIME to go back now. I've wasted too much time already fine tuning the one I have now.

Please, for the love of humanity, get Kmail fixed stat.

Thank you for listening.

Luciano ES