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Month: August 2015

Re: [trinity-users] Running GUI programs as root in 14

From: "Roy J. Tellason, Sr." <rtellason@...>
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2015 10:05:13 -0400
On Thursday 30 July 2015 04:57:53 am Lisi Reisz wrote:
> > >> What's wrong with getting where you need to go via Konsole?
> > >
> > > I can't get there.  I run Debian.
> >
> > I don't understand. I thought you were running Jessie. ;-) What does
> > running Debian have to do with whatever your objection with Konq and/or
> > Konsole is?
> Debian, by default, will not run a GUI as root.  So if oyu try to run a GUI 
> application from the root Konsole you get:
> root@Tux-II:/home/lisi# kwrite
> Session management error: Authentication Rejected, reason : None of the 
> authentication protocols specified are supported and host-based 
> authentication failed
> root@Tux-II:/home/lisi#

I am currently playing with Debian on another box.  This has become a source of some frustration to me,  as I'm used to being able to work as root when I want to, GUI and all!
> > > Sorry, I can't see what you are getting at here.  But no, Konsole doesn't
> > > offer me mc.  Probably because I haven't got mc installed.

It's often one of the first things that I add after an installation.   :-)

> Debian has decided not to allow GUI root log-ins.  It is not a case of "not 
> being bothered", and there is nothing wrong with Konsole (which is supplied 
> by TDE, not Debian).

I don't know where this is defined,  but if I find it I'm surely going to change it!

As of this point in time,  I find that if I log in as root in a text console,  ignoring the GUI login for the moment,  then I can "startx" and it will get me there.  But there's no obvious way to choose what desktop I want,  so even though I have several installed (TDE is coming soon!  :-)  I'm stuck in Xfce.

Anybody know how to fix either of these things?

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