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Month: August 2015

Mails won't send, no error message.

From: Lisi Reisz <lisi.reisz@...>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2015 08:28:35 +0100
Debian Wheezy 7.8
Trinity R14.0.1
KMail 1.9.10

Mails won't send, no error message.  Not even if I click on <send queued 
messages>.  So far I have not succeeded in sending a single message from teh 
new set-up.

I have googled, but usual problem - too much KDE4. :-(

The following could be the explanation, but I can't translate it into 
Trinity-ese.  Something somewhere must be misconfigured or stuck.  I attach 
(if they will go) screenshots of the smtp settings, with the email address 
changed a bit.  But if the settings were wrong I would expect an error 

Your mails are not being sent, without error messages

If KMail does not send mail without saying anything, the 'agent' responsible 
for 'dispatching' the mails can be stuck. Of course, you need to ensure you 
have proper network connectivity for mail to be send!

To remedy this, it might help to abort the current action and re-start it. 
First, quit KMail by using KRunner (Alt + F2) or Konsole and typing: kquitapp 
kmail. Note that a normal Alt + F4 or File -> Quit does not do the trick! 
Wait a minute, then start KMail again. Now start akonadiconsole using KRunner 
(Alt + F2) or Konsole. Go to the Mail Dispatcher Agent, do a right-click and 
abort the current action. You will most likely get some error messages 
popping up. Go back to KMail and choose File -> Send Queued Messages. Now it 
might work. If not, instead of aborting the current action, try toggling the 
offline/offline status of the Mail Dispatcher Agent or restarting things like 
mentioned in the workaround 2 of the problem above this one.

akonadiconsole can be quite helpful for a number of situations as it shows all 
the 'agents', the separate components of the KMail backend. You can stop and 
start them, put them in offline mode, abort ongoing actions etc. It can be 
very helpful when things get stuck.

I am sure that it is PEBKAC again, but I can't leave this for a day or three 
until I feel more functional.  I have to get it done.