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Month: August 2015

Re: [trinity-users] trinity on latest mageia ( mageia 5 )

From: Neo Futur <neofutur@...>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2015 09:30:45 -0500
>> did I miss something ? If not can I hope for a mga5 repository soon or
>>will I have to drop mageia ? ( I cant live
>> more than a few weeks without my preferred desktop , trinity. the
>>upgrade from mga4 to mga5 have orphaned all the
>> trinity packages.
> Mageia packages are built by Francois, so I guess they will become
>available sooner or later, depending on when he has time.
great ! I can survive a few weeks !
francois please announce it when its around !

> Out of curiosity, have you tried installing the mageia4 TDE packages on
 I havent *installed* them but I didnt uninstall the already installed
packages when urpmi told me they were orphaned, and . . . the one I
use daily, like konsole or kwrite are still working !

 It seems the only problem is that tde disappeared from the list of
available desktops on graphical login
 also i m still using and was planning to upgrade to te
latest trinity release after upgrading the distro.

> probably won't work, but it might be
> worth giving it a try, unless mageia has a strict packaging versioning
>system in place (I am completely ignorant about that).
 dunno if installing them work, not sure, but just *not uninstalling*
is ok and most of it if not all , is still working ! forgive me but i
wont try to uninstall and reinstall, i cant live without konsole3 !

> cheers
>   Michele
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