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Month: August 2015

Re: [trinity-users] Bug of the action of copy with kmail-trinity

From: Lisi Reisz <lisi.reisz@...>
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2015 21:30:37 +0100
On Wednesday 26 August 2015 18:49:54 andre_debian@... wrote:
> On Tuesday 25 August 2015 01:12:17 Slávek Banko wrote:
> > On Monday 24 of August 2015 22:46:42 andre_debian@... wrote:
> > > There is a small bug with kmail-trinity, since a long time,
> > > versions 3.5 and 14.0.
> > > When I highlight a word or sentence and want to make a copy,
> > > (left button of the mouse),
> > > a menu appears, without the possibility of copy,
> > > but instead, suggestion of others words.
> > > This bug appears sometimes, not all the time...
> > > and when it does, kmail is blocked, I have to wait
> > > some seconds to retrieve kmail normally,
> > > and often, always without the possibility of copy.
> > > When I have to write ca mail in a hurry, it's really an inconvenience.
> >
> > I suppose that such behavior is in editor of the new mail?
> > I suppose that you  have automatic spell checker turned on?
> > And I suppose in a word a typo?
> Hello,
> In menu Configuration => Configure Kmail => Editor,
> I use the internal editor of kmail.
> No mention about "automatic spell checker"
> and  "in a word a typo"...

 As I understand Slávek he is suggesting taht this happens when you have made 
a typing mistake, otherwise known as typo.

> Even if the automatic spell checker and typo
> are activated,

You don't activate a setting called "typing mistake", you sometimes make 
typing mistakes.  I'm sure you can copy.  It is offering other words as 
alternatives to your mistake when you have made a mistake.  E.g, if I 
typed "mistace", it would hopefully offer me "mistake" as one of the offered 

> it's not a reason to not have sometimes 
> the possibility of "copy".

You have got the possibility of copy.  Just correct your error first.  You 
said that it doesn't always happen.