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Month: August 2015

[TDE-on-NixOS] Cmake will be the default in TDE, in a near future?

From: Anderson Torres <torres.anderson.85@...>
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2015 09:37:32 -0300
Hello, TDE hackers!

I am now working on packaging TDE to NixOS Linux distribution. I will
resume an earlier work I have made a long time ago, but for all
purposes it will be a long and challenging "TDE from Scratch" task.

As I read the wiki on building TDE from sources, I found there are a
bit heterogeneous build system: some old apps use Autotools, and the
new ones use Cmake. If the build system were homogeneous, it would be
a bit easier (for me at least :P) to maintain the Nix expressions.

So, I want to ask two things:

1 - There is some intent on wipe Autotools and adopt Cmake on all TDE tree?
2 - If yes to 1: how can I help on it?

Thanks in Advance!
Anderson Torres