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Month: September 2015

Re: [trinity-users] kpdf vs big document= odd failure

From: Gene Heskett <gheskett@...>
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2015 18:28:46 -0400
On Saturday 12 September 2015 13:38:00 Lisi Reisz wrote:

> On Saturday 12 September 2015 17:32:48 Gene Heskett wrote:
> > Greetings all;
> >
> > As has been mentioned, I dabble in CNC machinery too.  Maybe that
> > qualifies me as a power user since the motors used to run the
> > machinery do spin the power meter up a bit. :)
> >
> > Anyway, the most recent version of the documentation for LiniuxCNC,
> > version 2.7.0, has been combined from 3 "books" of nominally 450
> > pages each, some of which contained duplicate info, into one 704
> > page tome now.
> >
> > So I called up kpdf and sent it to print this, duplex mode on my
> > Brother HL3170CDW color laser printer.
> >
> > It immediately jumped one core to 100%, but I figured that would
> > take it a while to preprocess.  But after about 10 minutes I began
> > to worry because I had started that job once before but had to
> > reboot the machine for other reasons before it had sent a wakeup
> > byte to the printer.
> >
> > So I called up a copy of iceweasel to see what
> > localhost:631/printers/network-printer had to say for itself.  Which
> > was that the "pdftops" filter had failed.
> This is 6 years old:
> Why do you need a filter to print pdf?  Is it because your printer is
> very old?

It was still on the shelf at Staples Office Supply a year ago, so its not 
truly ancient like me, yet.

> Do you know?
I bought it new about 2 years ago.  It has now logged something over 4000 

> Does anyone else? 

Unk, no clue who might have one of these locally.  Everyone else is using 
inkjets, at 4x the cost per page printed.
The filter is primarily because in order for the current gs to print it, 
there needs to be a translation between a pdf and a ps.  In any event, I 
may have found the source of the reported error, there were a total of 7 
images in that file that were rendered, both onscreen and on paper as 
solid black in the shape of the expected image.  I have reported the 
page numbers where this occurred, but haven't heard back from the doc's 
compiler yet.

Other than that, the whole thing printed with only 3 orange led blink 
sessions, 2 notices to clean the static wires on all 4 drums, and ran 
out of paper once. I have it punched and mounted in a 2.5" ring 3 ring 
binder already.

> Lisi

Thanks Lisi.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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