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Month: September 2015

Re: [trinity-users] Change of language in TDE

From: Baron <baron@...>
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2015 13:47:13 +0100
Hi Lisi,

On Monday 14 September 2015 23:32:58 Lisi Reisz wrote:
> My recent bout of proselytising is bringing converts  - and
> questions that I can't answer.  I'll feed these out one at a time.
> If the locale of Trinity is wrong, i.e. was not installed correctly
> in the first place - US instead of UK in the case in question - how
> can one put it right?  Keyboard is easy, but there is a lot more
> wrong than Keyboard.  Dates are unreadable, money wrong, paper
> default sizes wrong etc.  At least numbers are, I think, right!! 
> There are two desktops on the laptop in question, and I *think*
> that the other one is right and is set to UK.
> Just for the record, and in case of doubt, living with it is not a
> realistic option!!
> Thanks,
> Lisi

That anoys me as well :-)  As you say the keyboard is easy but there 
doesn't seem to be any easy way to change the language to en-GB,
though dates, money and paper sizes are OK on mine.

Another thing that I've found is that I can't add programs to the main 
menu and they don't seem to get added automatically now.

My biggest annoyance it that the spell chucker doesn't work in Kmail 
and Kwrite and that I've no Idea how to change that !

Best Regards: