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Month: September 2015


From: Jerry Nettrouer II <trinity@...>
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2015 01:16:18 -0400
I tried compiling tde-suite-r14.0.1 from the source code online and 
tqt3-r14.0.1 is missing a call declaration called TQString::vsprintf 
that is needed to compile tdenetwork-r14.0.1.

  The function TQString::vsprintf is found in tqt3-r14.1.0, but when I 
compile it, and upgrade my system to tqt3-r14.1.0, the desktop still 
works but it changes the entire look of my applications to a very look, 
similar to an lod gtk look.

I checked both tqt3, and tdenetwork commits to see if / or when 
TQString::vsprintf was added to the r14.0.1 build or if 
TQString::vsprintf was known by some other name, in a previous commit of 
tdenetwork ...

Anyway to  get to the point comparing tqt3-r14.1.0 and tqt3-14.0.1 the 
file src/tools/qstring.cpp r14.01 is missing  the function 
TQString::vsprintf. so would it be safe to just copy it from the 
tqt3-14.1.0/src/tools/qstring.cpp to the 
tqt3-14.0.1/src/tools/qstring.cpp... what would be the best way to fix 
the problem, so tdenetwork-r14.0.1 will successfully build, and my 
desktop will not lose it's Trinity desktop look, to an almost generic 
gtk desktop look.  Currently tqt3-r14.1.0 is the only r14.1.0 package, 
and all the others are r14.0.1 packages, and by using tqt3-r14.1.0 
tdenetwork-r14.0.1 successfully compiled.