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Month: September 2015

Porting an app from TDE to TDE R14.0.1

From: midi-pascal <midi-pascal@...>
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2015 20:12:49 -0400

I started to port an KDE 3.5 app (Kooldock) to TDE R14.0.1.
I did it years ago for TDE 3.5.13 with minimal trouble and used it since 
then with no trouble at all.
Kooldock is automake and configure based and was developed as a kdevelop 
I have now a new machine (Ubuntu 14.04 64 bits) on which I installed TDE 
14.0.1 with the live TDE ISO.
I installed all required Trinity development packages.
I can run the automake and configure tools inside TDevelop (TDE-C++) 
successfully so I am ready to build the Kooldock project.

The build fails immediately because of the name of include files i.e. 
kpopupmenu.h -> tqpopupmenu.h and names of classes i.e QString -> TQString.

Is there a way (script or utility) to convert existing KDE 3.5 or TDE 
3.5.x code to TDE 14.0.1?
Or at least, a documented path to port apps to TDE 14.x.?

I am a developer, familiar with sed ands awk so I can manage converting 
the original sources if only I can get a guidance about what becomes 
what with TDE 14.x.

After trying some manual modifications to the sources I feel some 
changes in include files are not this straightforward.
For example some kxxxxxx.h files are now  txxxxxx.h, others are now 
tdexxxxxx.h so porting my favorite application would become a nightmare 
with no how-to or minimal help.

I would like to port the Baghira theme too (I did it for TDE 3.5.13 
easily) but I am a bit reluctant to compile one line of code at a time, 
searching each include file/class name change.

I love TDE and will stick to it anyway but I ask for some help here - if 
possible -

Thanks for keeping TDE alive. It is the best DE I ever used (and I tried 
many, believe me!)
And thanks for any feedback too.