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Month: September 2015

Re: [trinity-users] Quickbuild (Launchpad) question not Trinity related.

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2015 02:59:15 -0500
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> It bounced again so I'll ask here.
> I've been looking at Launchpad for Cobber (which is based on Debian)
> and remember you saying once that you had the only non-Canonical
> implementation of Launchpad with Quickbuild.
> Do you have it on Ubuntu or did you install it on Debian? I'd like to
> install Launchpad and get it working for Cobber but from what I can
> see it only works on Ubuntu even though Canonical say (back in 2009 or
> so) that they want to get it working on Debian and other distros.
> Cheers.
> Michael.

Any chance of getting a copy of the bounce message (e.g. on IRC, nick
kbvqf)?  I am responding to your message via that Email address so I would
be most interested in the bounce message contents.

I have Launchpad working on Debian, after compiling and installing the
required dependencies.  Launchpad installation is not for the faint of
heart; the QuickBuild system here runs across a good half-dozen machines
just for the core alone, and quite a few more for the build farm itself. 
Maintenance and security updates are also quite a hassle.  You can't use
the Launchpad (or QuickBuild) names in your instance (legal issues), so
you'll need to modify all the sources to remove the trademarks, which
interferes with updates.

Basically, although for our particular needs Launchpad was the best choice
by far (QuickBuild is used internally by Raptor Engineering for tasks
beyond TDE), unless you really need that level of power you might want to
consider a different method of doing things. :-)  You can subscribe to
Launchpad, SLES (or QuickBuild) and let others handle the setup /
maintenance, or you can use a smallerm custom, pbuild-based system like
Slavek does.  QuickBuild does have one unique point in that it builds for
arm[el|hf] and ppc64el; not sure when/if Launchpad is going to add support
for those architectures.

Hope this helps!

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