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Month: September 2015

Re: [trinity-users] Porting an app from TDE to TDE R14.0.1

From: midi-pascal <midi-pascal@...>
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2015 22:07:33 -0400

On 15-09-25 08:22 AM, Michele Calgaro wrote:
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> On 2015/09/24 11:03 PM, midi-pascal wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The "experimental" scripts did the magic to the kooldock sources! I had to do some changes manually but these were
>> not related to TDE or tqt. All sources compiled easily but the link step failed because the command was missing
>> -lDCOP and -ltdefx.
>> My beloved kooldock works well but there are still many compilation warnings - not TDE related - which I will fix
>> and find my way to add the missing libraries to the link step (in
>> Then I will be pleased to give the result to the TDE team if it is of some interest. kooldock is a very kool app!
>> Thanks for your great help, it saved me many hours of tedious work.
> Yes please, once you complete the building of kooldock correctly, please let us know.
> Even better create a bug report on bugszilla and upload the original source tarball and any
> instruction required for building it correctly. A final version package would also be useful.
> Thanks
>    Michele
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Hi Michele,
I created a bug report on Bugzilla for this ( but I cannot 
attach the kooldock tarball to it. I can choose the file but it does not 
get uploaded. So I attach the tarball to this mail so the dev team can 
get it.