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Month: October 2015

Urgent money needed

From: Lisi Reisz <lisi.reisz@...>
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2015 16:51:17 +0100
I am probably not the best person to say this in terms of anyone listening, 
but perhaps the best person in view of being the one who was complaining.

TDE is in urgent need of $1000.00 to keep the master server running.  Its CPU 
is failing/has failed.  I don't know the details, but Tim would no doubt 
supply them.  If 20 people each gave £50 etc., but we all know that they 

I can't say "it is just the cost of $WHATEVER" because i don't know US prices.  
For me it is the train ticket to London that I didn't have to buy at the end 
of September because the hospital cancelled the appointment.

Come on!  What have you not had to pay for/could easily forego?  Do you really 
need two cups of coffee every morning, or a tub of icecream for lunch every 
day??   Perhaps now is the time to give up cigarettes?  ;-)

TDE can't run without servers.

Of course, if someone has a top-notch server he or she is dying to donate, I 
am sure that Tim wouldn't say no. ;-)