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Month: November 2015

Re: [trinity-users] PCLOS Happy!

From: Gene Heskett <gheskett@...>
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2015 09:25:01 -0500
On Monday 09 November 2015 08:40:59 alistair izzard wrote:

> �Remember who you love, tell them you love them, life is too short for
> regrets. From: Lisi Reisz <lisi.reisz@...>
>  To: trinity-users@...
>  Sent: Monday, 9 November 2015, 12:07
>  Subject: Re: [trinity-users] PCLOS Happy!
> On Monday 09 November 2015 11:44:54 alistair izzard wrote:
> > �Remember who you love, tell them you love them, life is too short
> > for regrets. From: Kate Draven <borglabs4@...>
> >� To: trinity-users@...
> >� Sent: Monday, 9 November 2015, 2:56
> >� Subject: [trinity-users] PCLOS Happy!
> >
> > I've been playing about with the latest release of PCLOS. I'm very
> > happy with it so far.
> >

So was I, for a couple months.  But Texstar runs a tight ship, and will 
not add anything to the mix that isn't used by a web browser or an email 
agent.  Zero support, won't even discuss it, for anything else.

So, while it was as solid as a rock, it was also very limiting and I 
eventually bailed, in my case to the hybride-iso that installs LinuxCNC, 
built around the debian wheezy release. It has some warts, but nothing 
that cannot be whipped into shape.  And I am pleased because I can run 
exactly the same software on all 4 machines, except the linuxcnc I run 
here is simulated only.  This machine has relatively poor "realtime 
performance", but its also dead stable doing it.

> > There are some things I don't know if I care for, such as HAL, but
> > so far it hasn't bothered me or refused to open the pod bay doors.

LinuxCNC makes extended use of hal. It has its limits, but there's 
gladevcp or pyvcp to fill those gaps.    

> > I had a little trouble with synaptic and the reps, but I'm figuring
> > that out. Never try to figure things out when deprived of chocolate
> > btw.

Now thats scary, no chocolate? I'd druther not contemplate the "merriment 
that could lead too. OTOH, no coffee is even worse.

> > I can't remember the lad's name, that put this together but cheers
> > to you. So far so good.
> >
> > Sorry to took so long to get back to you on the test results but I
> > never just do an install, I do some deep testing and mods. If it can
> > stand up to me insanity, then it's a go.

I know that feeling, but its all ok as long as I can explain it to me. :)
> >
> > Cheers to all
> >
> > Kate
> >
> > Hello Kate,I'm happy that you are enjoying my remaster :) What
> > issues have you been having with synaptic? I'll be happy to help in
> > any way I can Alie (present_arms)
> Does she not mean Alexandre's remaster?� That is the one one gets
> through the TDE site.� Or are they now the same?
> Lisi
> To be honest I thought she was on about my November release Lisi, but
> you could be right though of course :) I do host Alexandre' ISO as
> well as my own and it has been downloaded a few times, around 10 I
> think.
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Cheers, Gene Heskett
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