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Month: November 2015

PCLOS updated report 2

From: Kate Draven <borglabs4@...>
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2015 10:15:24 -0500
ok I'm using an ISO entitled
I don't know who mastered it but so far, it's a good one.

gphotoframe, was in one of the working reps so I tried it.

>Hello Kate,I'm happy that you are enjoying my remaster :) What issues have 
you been having with synaptic? I'll be happy to help in any way I can
>Alie (present_arms) 

Very charming and that would be lovely. Again, I don't know if it's your 
remaster, but I would like to try it if you can give me a DL link.

Ok bugs:

1. Synaptic, not all the reps are working. So it can't dl some packages so the 
rep sets need updating.

2. Kipi plugins are not see by the "kde3" version of digikam and perhaps other 
kde3 versions of other softwares that use it.

3. When assigning an icon to say, a directory or app icon, if you backspace to 
delete a typo, the dialog crashes. Often taking the associated app with it 
(for example konqueror).

4. plugged in devices such as usb sticks don't always show up in kwikdisk.

5. During one test the netapplet asked for a root password but then rejected 
it. Never bothered to trace it since I wreaked the install during tests and 

6. when using a settings tool like kcontrol. Once I apply a change, I need to 
close it up and reopen it to order to make further changes. This also happens 
when I right click on the taskbar to make changes there as well. Seems to be 
Trinity related.

That's all I have for now. I'd like to know who's remaster this is for sure.
Now that I'm into heavy testing (sounds pervy, sorry), I'd like to work / help 
with the author  as much as me limited skills will allow. Perhaps learn much 
in the process, always a plus.

I'm really looking for a none ubuntu (no offense) systemd free distro to 
replace me fav distro, who's last release was 2008. Tis a wee bit out of date 
but amazingly reliable, stable and configurable. I have it so customized it 

Another things I can do without a problems is use /home/foo/setting as the 
user directory. Then I place other dirs in /home/foo such 
as /home/foo/User_Files, /foo/Multimedia.

Doing this makes it easier to backup what would normally be splashed out 
within the user's dir. I have found it makes it easy for windows user and 
anyone in general to make backups easier. It also makes it easy for some 
delete happy people who are told not to touch that dir for any reason.

I just reset paths for documents and deskop (which is now in user files) and 
we are good go do. Been using it for years. Never lost any data, even after 
HD failures. 

Cheers to all,