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Month: November 2015

Re: [trinity-users] PCLOS updated report 2

From: Kate Draven <borglabs4@...>
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2015 16:40:52 -0500
On Monday 09 November 2015, alistair izzard wrote:
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> regrets. From: Kate Draven <borglabs4@...>
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>  Sent: Monday, 9 November 2015, 15:15
>  Subject: [trinity-users] PCLOS updated report 2
> ok I'm using an ISO entitled
> PCLinuxOS_no_TDE_remaster_5sept2015
> I don't know who mastered it but so far, it's a good one.
> gphotoframe, was in one of the working reps so I tried it.
> >Hello Kate,I'm happy that you are enjoying my remaster :) What issues have
> you been having with synaptic? I'll be happy to help in any way I can
> >Alie (present_arms)
> Very charming and that would be lovely. Again, I don't know if it's your
> remaster, but I would like to try it if you can give me a DL link.
> Ok bugs:
> 1. Synaptic, not all the reps are working. So it can't dl some packages so
> the rep sets need updating.
> 2. Kipi plugins are not see by the "kde3" version of digikam and perhaps
> other kde3 versions of other softwares that use it.
> 3. When assigning an icon to say, a directory or app icon, if you backspace
> to delete a typo, the dialog crashes. Often taking the associated app with
> it (for example konqueror).
> 4. plugged in devices such as usb sticks don't always show up in kwikdisk.
> 5. During one test the netapplet asked for a root password but then
> rejected it. Never bothered to trace it since I wreaked the install during
> tests and reinstalled.
> 6. when using a settings tool like kcontrol. Once I apply a change, I need
> to close it up and reopen it to order to make further changes. This also
> happens when I right click on the taskbar to make changes there as well.
> Seems to be Trinity related.
> That's all I have for now. I'd like to know who's remaster this is for
> sure. Now that I'm into heavy testing (sounds pervy, sorry), I'd like to
> work / help with the author  as much as me limited skills will allow.
> Perhaps learn much in the process, always a plus.
> I'm really looking for a none ubuntu (no offense) systemd free distro to
> replace me fav distro, who's last release was 2008. Tis a wee bit out of
> date but amazingly reliable, stable and configurable. I have it so
> customized it dances.
> Another things I can do without a problems is use /home/foo/setting as the
> user directory. Then I place other dirs in /home/foo such
> as /home/foo/User_Files, /foo/Multimedia.
> Doing this makes it easier to backup what would normally be splashed out
> within the user's dir. I have found it makes it easy for windows user and
> anyone in general to make backups easier. It also makes it easy for some
> delete happy people who are told not to touch that dir for any reason.
> I just reset paths for documents and deskop (which is now in user files)
> and we are good go do. Been using it for years. Never lost any data, even
> after HD failures.
> Cheers to all,
> Kate
> Ahh it is Alexandre' ISO :) I personally haven't had the issues you seem to
> have, I'm sure someone here knows how to fix things :) Alie

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Hi Alie

Give me a dl link for your ISO and I'll test it as well. I can give you 3 
machines for that (3 test machines I have free here).

Let me know,