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Month: November 2015

RE: [trinity-users] Hybrid Live Images

From: Alexandre <ac586133@...>
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2015 12:52:16 +0000
>> On Sunday 29 of November 2015 22:51:05 Timothy Pearson wrote:
>>> >   To the hardworking Devs and ISO-builders,
>>> >      Please, that's pretty please with sugar on top, can we have
>>> > hybrid .ISOs for the expected new batch of live CDs/DVDs with TDE
>>> > R14.0.2??   My reasons for asking ....
>>> >    1.  Many modern PCs and most laptop/netbooks do not have an
>>> optical
>>> > drive.
>>> >    2.  I know there are utilities for writing an ISO to a USB-stick
>>> but
>>> > they are not particularly user-friendly.  eg. unetbootin is a total
>>> > PITA.  Besides a simple "sudo dd if=path-to-hybrid of=/dev/usb-stick"
>>> > is trivial and works as expected.
>>> >    3.  Boot and run from a USB-stick is much faster than any CD/DVD
>>> so
>>> > demonstrating to potential new adopters is a better experience.
>>> >
>>> >
>>> > Thanks in antic,
>>> > Glen

Hi all,

Just want to say that now you can buy on ebay an external USB DVD drive-burner for 15-20$.
As a long-time Asus EEE user, I found it to be really useful. But, it is true that LiveCD are sometimes painfully slow to use on real CD drive.

While UnetBootIn does not work always on first try, I have yet to see it fail completely.
I see that if I don't use the computer at all while UnetBootIn works, I get better results, but the same goes for dd too.

Have a great day!