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Month: March 2011

Re: [trinity-users] Konversation: Settings not being applied

From: Werner Joss <werner@...>
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2011 21:03:05 +0100
On Saturday 19 March 2011 19:48:56 you wrote:
> Hi,
> I finally got my hard disk in and I've installed Debian Squeeze using
> a basic install (base plus laptop stuff plus ssh server, no GUI or
> anything else). From there I installed Trinity. All seems fine, except
> that konversation isn't displaying time stamps in the chat window even
> though it shows as enabled in the configuration window for
> Konversation, and it won't display the tray icon when I enable that. I
> am also noticing that it isn't adding the option to enable the tray
> icon to ~/.trinity/share/config/konversaitonrc and that
> ~/.trinity/share/apps/konversation/ is emtpy, yet I have ownership and
> both read and write permissions in both.

same here, same install.
no idea what to do about that, though (I'm a very infrequent IRC user, so, 
things like that don't bother me too much...)