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Month: February 2016

Re: [trinity-users] Who are using 3.5.13.x series?

From: Will Hill <will.hillnotes@...>
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2016 18:34:04 -0600
On Sunday 17 January 2016, Chris Graham wrote:
> Wheezy and Jessie/testing 7.2.. . if I try to upgrade my totally obsolete
> Iceweasel or  Firefox, apt-get will insist on removing Trinity, Xorg and
> countless other vitally important items. In fact, I can't install or upgrade
> anything now.  

You might be running into systemd changes.  These are large enough that I have 
not tried to do this kind of mixing with Wheezy.  Have you tried looking at 
backports for new versions of those programs?

I can report that Wheezy, as it is, works wonderfully with the TDE 3.5 branch.  
The only thing I've added to my production laptop is TDE and E16, documented 

I have been avoiding Jessie and have not yet tried with Stretch yet.