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Month: February 2016

Re: [trinity-users] Hep me! ksmserver crash

From: Peter Laws <plaws@...>
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2016 10:02:16 -0600
On Wed, Feb 10, 2016 at 9:29 AM, Michele Calgaro
<michele.calgaro@...> wrote:
> Hi Peter, I do not think it is that easy to catch this with gdb.
> You are starting a new session, so ksmserver is started. It crashes and so tdm brings you out and start anew.
> I think you need to create a small monitoring script that monitors for ksmserver instances, then if so grab the pid
> and attach gdb to it. You need to run this script from CLI before logging into TDE. Hopefully the script will be fast
> enough to interrupt ksmserver before it crashes, then you can step through it, although it may be a long process
> before you get to the point where it crashes.
> IMO, the update of last friday broke something in your installation or in your current configuration.
> 1) have you tried creating a new user and logging into TDE as that user? Same crash?
> 2) if you run aptitude, do you see any broken dependency or errors?
> 3) did you update from one ubuntu version to another one or just updated "within" the same version?

New user doesn't work, either, but behavior is slightly different - no
progress bar, no bomb dialog, just accept password, black screen, then
back to user.

I always use apt-get update/apt-get dist-upgrade and accept whatever
is there.  I have Slavek's repos for TDE.

This started as a Kubuntu install (new system, thought I'd give KDE4
another chance - silly me) but I ran screaming back to TDE.

For me, starting over with a new install (of something I know would
run TDE) is less painful than writing a gdb script!  Fortunately, I've
got a Macbook, so I can still work, but I really need to get back to
where I was earlier Friday.

I checked - there is no "undo" button.  :-D

Peter Laws / N5UWY
National Weather Center / Network Operations Center
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