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Month: April 2011

Re: [trinity-users] Keys change function (Trinity+Squeeze)

From: Volker Wysk <pf3@...>
Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2011 02:58:18 +0200
Am Donnerstag 31 März 2011, 16:29:29 schrieb Mag. Dr. Nikolaus Klepp:
> Hi!
> I've (still) some problems with keys/keyboard mapping on trinity, and I do
> not know where to look at:
> xine-ui: <cursour-up> does not work. strange as it is, i can assign a
> function to <cursor-up> using xine's setup dialog.
> terminator: <ctrl>+<y> is translated to the sequence <cursor-up>,<end>.
> Both effects do not show when I run fvwm, so the "bad guy" is hidden in
> trinity. But where? Any suggestions?

Go to the control center and search for "keyboard". There should be an entry 
"keyboard shortcuts" (I'm translating back from German to English). You can 
define keys on a per-program basis, it is somewhere in the control center.