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Month: March 2016

Re: [trinity-users] TDE R14 theming

From: "E. Liddell" <ejlddll@...>
Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2016 12:57:17 -0500
On Fri, 4 Mar 2016 18:18:06 +0100
Dobigeon Nicolas <dobigeon@...> wrote:

> Hello team,
> I would like to try changing the visual style of my TDE.
> I was looking for some themes in kde looks but i don't know where to 
> puts theme for TDE. Can anybody tell me where to place each part of themes ?

Since no one else has taken this, I suppose I'll give it a shot.

Usually, a "theme" consist of several different elements bundled together:
widget styles, colour schemes, icons, wallpaper, window decorations, etc.

Simple elements (icons, wallpapers, cursors, fonts) you should be able to pull
out and install in the same places they would go for any desktop environment.

Widget styles--the things that give buttons, text areas, menus, etc. a specific
look and feel--are a problem.  First of all, no KDE4 widget style will ever work
with TDE, period.  The style code was completely re-written for KDE4.

If you have a KDE3 widget style, it won't work straight out of the box, but it
can be converted.  If that's what you want to do, post again, and someone
will tell you where to find the conversion scripts, etc.  (The styles actually have
program code in them, so they're a pain to work with.)

Window decorations I'd have to look up (again, it's very unlikely that anything
for KDE4 will work here).  Splash screen themes you can add by using the 
Control Center (KDE3 themes should work fine here).

If you want more help than that, you'll have to be more specific about
what theme(s) you're trying to install.

E. Liddell