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Month: April 2016

Re: [trinity-users] One more kmail config question

From: Lisi Reisz <lisi.reisz@...>
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2016 12:11:32 +0100
On Sunday 10 April 2016 11:51:43 Gene Heskett wrote:
> Its a PIMA, I note that its been turned on somehow, and I have to use the
> puldown and uncheck the ^$&# box to put me back in plain text about
> every 3rd msg I send.  Aggravating & makes me use bad language.

+1  Except that I am even worse in that I often fail to notice and *SEND* 
HTML.  I don't want it - ever.  I can't read HTML, I do not wish to inflict 
it on anyone, and I want to discourage those who like and use it.  I want to 
turn it off - permanently.  PLEASE??

And it doesn't appear to be as the result of a typo.  Sometimes I think it is 
because the message to which I am replying was in multipart-alternative, 
which I display as plain text, so usually don't notice, and sometimes it 
appears to be totally arbitrary.

The spell checker turns on and off arbitrarily too.  I would like a way to 
turn these things on or off far more deliberately, and have them stay as set.