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Month: April 2011

Re: [trinity-users] Konsole colours

From: "Mag. Dr. Nikolaus Klepp" <office@...>
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2011 11:13:28 +0200
Am Mittwoch, 6. April 2011 schrieb HHa:
> Hi John,
> > Settings -> Schema
> that is only part of the truth, because whatever schema I choose, if I do
> an "ls", file names are printed green an directories blue. I want to get
> rid of these colours.

That's 'cause in your .bashrc - or what ever shell you use -  there is most 
probably a sequence like this:

if [ -x /usr/bin/dircolors ]; then
    eval "`dircolors -b`"
    alias ls='ls --color=auto'
    #alias dir='dir --color=auto'
    #alias vdir='vdir --color=auto'

    alias grep='grep --color=auto'
    alias fgrep='fgrep --color=auto'
    alias egrep='egrep --color=auto'

which turns on colors :-)