The latest Opera works very well. I don't think it is lighter than chromium as it now shares the same engine but overall it works very nicely. The latest beta incorporates adblocking and VPN. The adblocking seems to work pretty well but the VPN is still buggy.

On Mon, May 2, 2016 at 2:31 PM, Dave Lers <lists@...> wrote:
Kate Draven wrote:
>> andre_debian@... wrote:
>> > On Monday 02 May 2016 13:09:56 Lisi Reisz wrote:
>> >> On Monday 02 May 2016 12:00:51 andre_debian@... wrote:
>> >> > I think that Konqueror is not a navigator
>> >> It used to be a superb one.  For years it was my browser of
>> choice.
>> > I'm asking myself how you can consider that Konqueror
>> > "is a superb one" navigator.
>> It depends on your definition of "navigator". Almost everything I do
>> on my PC is done using Konqueror as a navigator to
>> view/play/edit/run
>> files/programs, local and remote - things no other web browser or
>> file
>> manager can do. While Konqueror is essentially my desktop and could
>> get me anyhere I want/need to go, sometimes the menu or taskbar are
>> faster/easier.
>> That said, it is frustrating that I can only use Konqueror to view
>> websites I know it can handle. I still use Konqueror as a gateway
>> browser ('open with Chromium') because there are enough of my
>> regular
>> sites that still work in Konqueror and I prefer the
>> simpler/depreciated Google interface. Maybe I'm stubborn, but
>> Iceweasel and Chromium are pigs and not something to leave running
>> when you're using a Pi2 PC.
>> ...It's probably a pipe dream, but it would be real nice if there
>> were
>> a way that I could have a whitelist of sites that would open in
>> Konqueror with all others automatically opening in an external
>> browser.
> I agree, konqueror is an essential tool for me. I've written tons of
> servicemenus, to image,audio video conversion etc. All the sites I
> want to go to work well in konq. It's the sites that are overloaded
> with java scripts, flash etc that give it problems.

While that is the primary issue, even relatively simple sites (e.g.
Wikipedia) have rendering issues.

> It's safe gateway browser though. I have
> java and java script turned off in konq so I can examine a website
> before opening it in FF, SM, Opera. I don't use Chromium (Chrome)
> because I don't trust google anymore. That and it is a pig on
> resources.

Yeah, I have a hard time with anything Google these days (scary
behemoth), but I've come to prefer Chromium over Iceweasel and haven't
found anything else that works reliably (though it has been a while
since I've used Opera).

> In time I'm sure webkit or the like can be added to konq returning it
> to a great web browser as well. Patience in the key here.

I wish I had your optimism, I'm really amazed how little traction TDE
has, even more so Konqueror - thanks in part to the Dolphin over
Konqueror boondoggle. I don't know the current state, but the
Konqueror webkit engine (option in KDE4?) wasn't reliably better. In
any case, it's a welcome surprise to hear that someone else still
finds Konqueror indispensable.

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