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Month: May 2016

Re: Shift+arrow in Konsole

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Mon, 16 May 2016 19:58:51 +0200
Felix Miata wrote:

> Maybe it would be better for Konsole to be more like other apps in their
> emulation of the source of the tab paradigm, at least via a simple option.
> Tabs' origin is in a binder, pages in a "book", enabling one to quickly
> select a particular point in a (vertical) stack or layer of sheets or
> pages. Thus, at least arguably, the more sensible emulation is up/down,
> not right/left.
> Ctrl-Up/Ctrl-Down works in Mozilla products, my first exposure to tabs in
> any Linux environment, though not my first in a PC environment. (Alt-# in
> Quattro Pro for DOS was the first, just short of 3 decades ago.) Thus,
> because I spend more time in web browsers than all other tabbed apps
> combined, and with many many many tabs, than Konsole, keyboard tab
> switching in Konsole requires extra mental effort.

I am sure you can modify this behavior to suit your needs the best. This is
completely configurable.