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Month: April 2011

Re: [trinity-users] Terribly buggy

From: Volker Wysk <pf3@...>
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2011 01:15:40 +0200
Am Donnerstag 07 April 2011, 00:03:30 schrieb Lisi:
> > I wasn't aware that there are separate KDE4 and Trinity versions of the
> > KDE applications. I've installed Amarok-Trinity now, and it works
> > perfectly, just as it used to before I had to reinstall my Debian
> > system, when I was still using KDE 3.5.10.
> They are very different!!!  How would they _not_ have separate
> applications?

When is comes to Trinit/KDE4, I thought of the desktop, not the applications. 
I wasn't aware that the KDE3 applications still are around. I had the 
impression that the Trinity desktop is KDE3 whereas the Trinity applications 
are KDE4, which are more advanced and better than the KDE3 ones.

> > (It's a pity that Amarok-KDE4 won't run with Trinity, because it's
> > amazing! For instance, it will automagically download the lyrics of the
> > song you're listening, and display it... This works about half the time,
> > even for my non- mainstream taste in music...)

> Amarok 1.4.10, running on KDE 3.5.10, does this.  I haven't tried the
> Trinity one yet, but I would expect it to be the same.

Huh? Are you sure you haven't mistaken the version? I'm running 1.4.10 (on 
Trinity), and there is definitely no feature like that.

> > The mess with all the bugs I've encountered, seems to come from the KDE4
> > applications which are run under Trinity.
> That has certainly been other people's experience, judging by this list.

I haven't read the archives. 

> > The neat inclusion of the KDE4 apps in Trinitiy's menus gives the
> > impression that the integration is meant to work fine; at least that's
> > the impression it gave to me.
> Do a little reading before installing?

What should I have read?

> > Perhaps the KDE4 applications should be placed in a separate menu
> > hierarchy, or some warning message should tell the user that it's unsafe,
> > when using KDE4 apps in Trinity.
> There have been a lot of warnings on this list.

So Trinity users should be prepared for trouble, and not expect a stable 

Those KDE4-menu entries introduce an element of bugginess, in an otherwise 
perfectly stable system. That's how it seems to me.

Happy bug hunting,