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Month: June 2016

Re: [trinity-users] kmail attachment size

From: Glen Cunningham <glen1@...>
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2016 16:00:11 +1000
On Tuesday 07 June 2016 15:28:18 Thierry de Coulon wrote:
> Hello all
> Today I wanted to send a somewhat large PDF and a "sorry" window
> poped up saying: "Your administrator has disallowed attaching files
> bigger than 50MB".
> Being teh administrator, I can't remember ever settting this limit,
> but more important: I have no idea where this setting is controled. I
> don't know of any "administrator" settings in TDE, I can't find
> anything in kmail's settings.
> Is kmail looking anywhere else for this limitation?
> Regards,
> Thierry
  Found this snippet ....

This allows the maximum filesize allowed for attachments in the mail 
composer to be limited. To limit attachments to 20 MB in size, for 
example, add a line under [Composer] section of the Configuration File:


Alternatively, input the following into Konsole:

kwriteconfig --file /path/to/kmailrc --group Composer --key 
MaximumAttachmentSize 20


   Perhaps not actually in kmail config, but prolly in kwrite config, 
the default composer for kmail.