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Month: June 2016

Re: [trinity-users] Re: Switching layouts with keys and a couple of other questions

From: Slávek Banko <slavek.banko@...>
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2016 02:34:47 +0200
On Thursday 09 of June 2016 02:18:57 E. Liddell wrote:
> On Thu, 9 Jun 2016 01:50:17 +0300
> "J. Drahun" <dragun97yu@...> wrote:
> > As for menu, I am afraid that I could explain not correctly what I want,
> > so I attach a Start menu to show what I am talking about.
> > Is that possible in TDE?
> I think I've pieced together what your request is:  you want the menus to
> scroll rather than expanding into two columns.  As far as I know, that
> isn't possible, but what you can do is use KMenuEdit to create new submenus
> to shove the extra items into (or just delete them) until you've reduced
> the number of rows to what will fit in one column.
> I'd suggest packing the hardware configuration and network configuration
> entries off into submenus, and then looking at what you have left.
> E. Liddell

I think that there is another option: Click on the menu button using the right 
mouse button and select Switch to Kickoff Menu Style. Kickoff menu has a 
fixed size, so for a long menus should automatically scroll.