If you absolutly know the package is needed and the file that it is complaining about is something like an icon you can force the installation with dpkg but you have to know what you are doing or you will make things worse.

On Wed, Jun 22, 2016 at 6:45 AM, Uwe Brauer <oub.oub.oub@...> wrote:

I it seems that a bold

 sudo apt-get install -f

Solved most (but maybe not all problems with my trinity installation).

Be it as it may, when I logged in to Trinity, almost everything felt
similar, save one (for me) very important thing.

In earlier Kubuntu (for example 10.04) and earlier trinity versions (TDE v3.5.13.2)
there were *two* control center,

    -  the ugly vanilla kde control center

    -  and a I presume a Kubuntu specific Mac OSX clone.

I attach a screenshot.

Now in Kubuntu 14.04+ Trinity R14.0.3

I cannot find the MacOSX clone anymore. Where is it? Was it deleted,
taken out? For me it was one of the reasons to stay with Trinity, to
have both a familiar environment which does not need to much resources
but which is comfortable enough when it come to configuration, the KDE
vanilla control center is much worse in this respect.

Thanks and regards

Uwe Brauer

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