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Month: June 2016

Re: [trinity-users] start menu items categories

From: "Dave Lers" <lists@...>
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2016 09:06:10 -0700
Felix Miata wrote:
> Thierry de Coulon composed on 2016-06-25 15:23 (UTC+0200):
>> Istvan Gabor wrote:
>>> openSUSE they are organized into submenus in 2 or 3 levels (eg
>>> System/Archiving/*, System/Desktop/* etc). Unfortunately trinity
>>> doesn't
>>> have this leveling, most programs are put under one main menu item.

Default trinity menus are categorized/subcategorized 1 > 3 levels deep
and no menu has more than 10 items.

>> You can do it yourself: right click on TDE menu icon -> Configure
>> Panel ->

What TDE version? In 14.? I have a direct link to the Menu Editor when
I right click the menu icon.

>> Create the submenus you want, drag and drop the items you want in
>> it.

Yes, it's very easy to do whatever you want to the menu.

> There are far too many things I use to fit in a panel.

So create subcategories/menus... Are you using classic or kickoff style?

> menu item
> "Internet", with a submenu item "Web Browsers", in which I expect to
> find every web browser installed by YaST or Zypper.

I don't know about kickoff style, but that is how the classic menu
style looks and works in TDE, though all browsers are under Internet
by default. As above, it's easy to create and populate a browsers