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Month: August 2016

Re: [trinity-users] Update problems I don't master

From: Felix Miata <mrmazda@...>
Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2016 05:34:57 -0400
Thierry de Coulon composed on 2016-08-06 10:56 (UTC+0200):

> So I took a look at my packages and saw that there were updates to TDE (from
> 14.0.0 to 14.0.3, openSUSE here).

> I first choose "update if newer" for all my packages (in Yast) and ended in a
> disaster: apparently minimal X with a terminal, message about wrong
> permissions for Xorg.

> Setting these permissions right let me start X...  but only in KDE 4!

Are you starting sessions via TDM or some other DM, or startx?

Are the permissions you refer to those of /usr/bin/Xorg?

Updating openSUSE frequently resets permissions on /usr/bin/Xorg to 755 when 
I've set them to 4711.

> I thought the problem was with openSUSE, so I restored and tried updating only
> Trinity. This time the message is:

> .servauth.1668 does not exist
> cannot open /var/log/xorg.1.log
> please consult foundation support

IIRC, that's one of the manifestations of not having 4711 set on 
/usr/bin/Xorg and trying to start an X session as a non-root user.

> There are plenty of lines with (EE) too

> Same correction to Xorg now brings up Icevm.

IceWM was happening to me a lot until I figured out that 
/etc/sysconfig/windowmanager needed tde rather than starttde for DEFAULT_WM. 
Without that set, the start syntax without a greeter running in openSUSE, 
unlike in Fedora or Debian, is either:

	WINDOWMANAGER=starttde startx


	WINDOWMANAGER=/opt/trinity/bin/starttde startx

I forget which works or not, and don't have an appropriate machine available 
ATM to check. sort of 
explains openSUSE being different.

> I'm out of my depth here. I restored again and will make a copy install to
> investigate the matter. I understand this may be openSUSE linked but any
> suggestion can help.

> Not urgent however, 14.0.0 is running very well...
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